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Work through a major transition period and get clarity and take action on designing their ideal life. 


“Working with Dana has been transformative. Over the past few months, she has helped me gain greater clarity in my life and create practical action plans to achieve my goals. I always leave our coaching sessions feeling motivated, supported, and empowered to take the next steps. Her thoughtful questions and active listening skills allowed me to reflect deeply and tap into my true desires. I am incredibly grateful to have found such a caring and insightful guide to support me on my journey.”

Meredith M. 

“Dana was MY coach- I literally just left my job TODAY and launched my own business and I owe SO much of this to her coaching!!”

Laura S. 

“Finding Dr. Dana has been like reconnecting with an old friend. Her kind, gentle demeanor put me at ease from the start. She’s walked the same journey I am walking and understands my “ups and downs”. Always professional, she validates my struggles and celebrates my victories, no matter how small. I love the practical and maintainable advice Dr. Dana has offered me.”

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Sometimes we need someone who understands to help us see how amazing we truly are and what we are capable of achieving! We need someone to help us remove those long-standing barriers and mindset blocks to help us have hope and a plan for change. I will hold belief for you until you can believe yourself that anything is possible if you can dream it and are ready to work for it! You are worthy and whole no matter where you are in your life right now. 

You only have to say GO and we will get you to your highest goals and closer to your Ideal Future Self!

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