What Is This Life Coaching Thing?

Did you know that people can call themselves a life coach if they are breathing and can form complete sentences? That’s kind of scary, huh? Life Coaching is an unregulated industry, unlike professional counseling. But, I’m here to tell you as a trained and Certified Life & Health Coach, and a consumer of Life Coaching services myself, that it is a GAME-CHANGER! Absolutely vet your potential Life Coach, make sure they have graduated from a reputable program (shouldn’t we do that with all of our health care providers?), but don’t sleep on Life Coaching. 

As a therapist of many years, I can tell you that I was skeptical when I was looking into life coaching for myself (because I had had some needs but I didn’t think therapy was the answer). That is not to say that I haven’t done some great therapy work and had a time in my life where I needed just that. I found the most popular life coaching program I could find and started listening to ALL (I’m talking like 300 podcasts at the time) of their podcasts that explained their philosophy on mindset work. I signed up for their “Self-Coaching Scholars” program because I couldn’t afford to hire one of their one-on-one coaches yet. They started teaching us about Mindset and how our thoughts are EVERYTHING! This changed the game for me. I worked on myself for about a year and was finally able to hire a Life Coach. Even more of a game changer. Then, as I became completely obsessed with all things mindset, habits, productivity and more, I chose a Life Coaching program that I would call home for the next (well I’m still in their graduate level program as we speak) several years (www.innerglowcircle.com). 

Inner Glow Circle describes Life Coaching as “…an empowered high-level partnership designed to guide the client to discover, clarify and achieve their goals in business and in life. The process works to break up old stories and limiting beliefs that have previously held the client back. Together the coach and client walk through thought provoking tools and powerful questioning to activate the process of self-discovery and begin to rewire negative thought patterns. Coaches see clients as a whole and relate to them as experts on their own lives. With this in mind, the coach and client establish goals and create structures around commitments.” 

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Have you ever had anyone ask you the hard-hitting questions that blew your mind in a matter of minutes? It’s amazing how quickly you can understand yourself, make progress on clarifying what you really want and start taking steps to achieve your wildest dreams. That is what life coaching is to me. If you need a little proof, I lost 60+ pounds, went from sedentary to a daily exerciser, reversed some chronic health problems, started my own business, started appreciating my life and feeling in control of molding it the way I wanted and became a hope and a light (people tell me) for others who are trying to travel the same road. 

Don’t hire just any coach, but it is certainly worth hiring a Certified Life Coach that has walked the walk and knows how to walk beside you to bring out the absolute best in you so that you can plan the life that you have always dreamed! Good news, if you haven’t dreamed it yet, working with a life coach will give you that space to explore and dream and then create that life! Don’t hesitate to book a 30 minute, free consultation call with me so that we can see if Life Coaching is for you! 

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